Convert WebPlus to WordPress

Want your website compliant with all the latest requirements but don’t know where to start?

 We can convert your WebPlus website into a fully responsive WordPress website, then hand full control back to you!

What we offer


We’ll install WordPress on your server or can offer reliable hosting to get you online and showcasing your business brilliantly



We’ll craft a custom layout and design for your site that will be modern and adapt to any size screen you can throw at it


Security & SEO

Your site will be secure and we’ll optimise it for keywords you or your business need to target to get the best exposure

Complete Control

Once complete we’ll hand complete control over to you so that you can keep your site updated with fresh content

How can we help?


Setting up WordPress can be a daunting and laborious task, we simplify the process of having a fully responsive website using the popular WordPress framework.

Using our extensive knowledge we’ll install WordPress on your choice of hosting, set-up a reliable theme and customise it to suit your business or personality. Security will be implemented to keep your site safe from hackers and we’ll even optimise your new website so it’s highly visible to search engines and most importantly, your customers!

Cartek Motorsport

A WebPlus to WordPress conversion completed for Cartek Motorsport in the UK

Swiss Railways Society

Learn about the WebPlus to WordPress conversion we did for the Swiss Railway Society

White Label


We can also offer our conversion and website design service white labelled. This means we’ll do all hard work, create the site for your client, provide well written copy and design logos and other graphics, but you’ll take all the praise! We’ll even add your company signature in the footer of each page.

Get a Price

Remember, this isn’t a plug in and go service, we’ll take a lot of time discussing ideas with you before we even start. We want you to have a website with a design that will bring you the best return, and for that it takes time and commitment.

If you’re just looking for a redesign for your hobby site, this might not be for you. But if you’re serious about getting the most out of your business and brand we definitely can help.

Want to change the world?

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